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be a global company
to be a world-class

You’ve created a great brand and launched a great product or service. Now comes the tricky part - making sure the right people know about it, and try it, and continue buying it.

You’ve likely turned to social media to promote your brand, which is a good first step in the customer-engagement process. But to effectively grow your brand, you have to build a real relationship with your customers that goes beyond garnering “likes" on Facebook and Linkedin.

At Broadstreet Marketing, we help small to medium-size businesses level the playing field and build their brands smartly by identifying, engaging and motivating their very best audiences.


Through the power of data analysis and
one-to-one, relationship marketing.

We can help you:

  • Identify the right customer audiences
  • Determine the most effective channel(s) to reach them
  • Deliver special offers that incent product trial
  • Track responses so you know who’s buying and who isn’t
  • Follow up with your customers to build and sustain brand loyalty
  • Assist your current and potential customers through our contact centers

And just as importantly, we can do all of the above in a cost-effective and measurable manner.

The Process

We can turn your passion for your brand into greater profitability for your business. At Broadstreet Marketing, we specialize in mining the consumer data that yields valuable insights and helps create precisely targeted, one-on-one brand messaging. As a result, you can say goodbye to wasteful and expensive “shotgun” marketing. And develop the one-on-one strategies and tactics that produce greater rewards.


To effectively grow any consumer- focused brand, you must first know who is buying your product and what these specific consumers are all about – from their purchase behavior to their media interaction habits. Our suite of analytics services helps you understand your current customers and identify your most likely new prospects.

Then we build the target audience that’s perfectly suited to your brand.

Data Standardization, Hygiene

Data Analysis

Data Enrichment

Look-alike Audience Development



Once you have all this valuable information, it must be properly stored and updated so it’s constantly accurate, available and readily accessible. Our cloud-based storage solution can host your customers’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in a highly secure and very affordable manner.

The result is an agile and cost-effective database that becomes the centerpiece (and secret weapon) in your brand’s customer relationship marketing strategy.

Registrations: Website, Newsletter, SMS


Social Media

Digital Advertising

Customer Care/Contact Center



Armed with key, actionable insights about your current and potential customers, you can now move forward to build brand equity and generate new sales, one carefully vetted consumer at a time. And you’re able to do it by employing the most effective communication vehicles – the ones that are highly targeted, addressable, affordable and measurable.

The ones that directly connect with and engage your brand’s best future.



Co-op Direct Mail




Chris Gunzenhauser

Chris worked 12 years at a major consumer packaged goods company, managing the consumer database and introducing internet marketing at the company. Chris caught the consulting bug and left CPG in 2000 to pursue a consulting career in relationship marketing. After several great collaborations, Broadstreet Marketing was born to provide strategic, technical and logistical support to numerous clients. Chris is intimately involved in every client and enjoys working with new clients on their most difficult marketing and strategic challenges.

Rick Freiberg
Chief Technology Officer

Rick joined Broadstreet Marketing in 2006. Prior to Broadstreet, Rick worked for an assortment of organizations including Volvo, Novant Health, Tyco, and EDS. As CTO of Broadstreet, Rick works with the leadership team to ensure the systems infrastructure is meeting the needs of our clients and our company. Rick is involved in client engagement to ensure the resources required to successfully complete projects. Rick enjoys working with our clients and leveraging different technology to ensure our clients have successful marketing initiatives.

Neil Linnell
Chief Client Officer

Neil’s career has been focused on delivering the right message to the right people. Before joining Broadstreet in 2004, he spent time at new-media agency Spin Communications and Information Resources, Inc, working with clients in CPG, retailing, advertising and home furnishings. His career has encompassed analyzing reams of data and searching for meaningful pieces of information. Neil’s focus is organizing and presenting information that it is relevant, timely, and easily understood by the intended audience. As CCO of Broadstreet, Neil continues to focus on this concept by working with clients to craft marketing strategies and tactics to deliver targeted messaging with the right frequencies, channels and offers.

Cal Faino
Chief Strategy Officer

Cal Faino is a 36 year veteran of Consumer Marketing, including 31 years with a multi-national CPG leader . After retiring in 2007, Cal joined Broadstreet Marketing as Chief Strategy Officer and Partner. Drawing on his extensive experience and problem-solving skills, Cal works with Broadstreet’s clients to design and implement data-driven marketing programs that deliver measurable results.

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